"i was fisted once" picture is my new background



if vatis voice sounds like cheetos is it deep and smooth like the cheetah in the commercials

nuts dont come vwith a ‘store at rodent cheek temperature’ label either, yknowv.

that makes sense

the other day i was whipped within an inch a my life an came twice so that should tell you about me

howv to properly stock food for the vwinter.

i have never seen a jar of peanut butter that reads ‘store at nook temperature’ 

frogs are a turn on

bullsh1tt1ng replied to your post:
We1rd th1ngs that 1 get turned on by 1s bas1cally my sex l1fe.

arent you the robot lover

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-Eridan’s ancestor? 38?

)(iya! I’m Feferi, )(er Imperial Condecencion’s descendant!!

no you see recently i adopted all the peixes as my descendants and disowned all eridans hello i am your new ancestor