the only thing that /really/ fucks vic up is talking about The Incident casually

sorry my lawyer says i should not read anything with passive aggressive emoticons and or text sparkles

Give my character a “character shaming” label


(i.e. ‘I ate all he cookies in the house and lied about it with crumbs over my face’)

80% of the alternian diet is grub products how are you alive

i can’t write a status update bcs i have HW but victus literally walked 2 streets from the bar he met vati in, made sure he wasnt being followed and then proceeded to keel over and puke out his guts and scream like hes being killed

imagine vic being reincarnated as a sailor with little love for mermaids or supernatural beings in general

vvaticide replied to your post: i love vati. i really do  but jus…


victus slaps him so hard the white part of his hair ends up in the opposite side of his head

i love vati. i really do 

but just sometimes mijito sometimes me sacas de quicio


Why would I do that.

if i hear any blues cryin youre gettin no pay check this week


I’ve been making very 2light hourly change2 two the thermo2tat and 2eeing who notice2 enough two get mad.

stop bullyin the coldbloods