when a character has an anticlimactic reaction to something that was supposed to be hard hitting and you just stand there like

uh i didnt think this far i thought itd be heavy stuff to hear

who said i was doing that?

wweh wweh nobody cares about me!! better fuckin send myself in a pretty package to a psychopath to attract attention!!

you can go ahead if you like but i will not stop interacting and offering things to the mer.

he doesnt fuckin care about you or your body or your offers to torture you

youre an easy fuckin target he could rip you apart if he liked 

you think if he took offers he’d be kidnappin people in the first place?

dont make me laugh you pathetic excuse for a sacrifice 

if you are referring to me im doing it out of will to make someone else happy. and not the one being tortured.

youre so fucking amazin an helpful literally gettin in the way a everythin an everyone an draggin more people into this by bein annoyin an fucked up in the head!

good job making this about you!

you wanna be a self made martyr when in reality youre just really fucking stupid 

the same goes for anyone else tryin to stick their nose in this whole business

if you aint already involved stay outta it 

lets talk business

next person to offer themselves to nikolai gets their throat slit pretty by me how about that 

ive not been on properly the last few days

i am the grumpiest